On the beach of Paleochori you will  encounter the Restaurant Sirocco. Distinct and strong personality with excellent traditional cuisine,  it undertakes to cover your culinary expectations. Beautiful Cycladic space with a veranda that stretches overt the length of the beach. From here, descending three steps, you can refresh yourself in the deep blue.

In the times we are going through, we want the restaurant experience to be the whispers or the laughs of friends, the aroma of  dishes and the emerging aroma of wines. Whit this philosophy in mind we created with care selected recipes, with fresh ingredients, and we carefully selected the wines that will accompany them.
We believe that an effective restaurant is one that can use the fresh local produce on scene. An important journey among tastes, aromas and exceptional music.

Our extremely friendly personnel is ready to serve you. Our flavors will compensate you and the warm atmosphere will satisfy you.